MONO vs GRUVGEAR: The Great Guitar Case Shootout

When you travel with your guitars as a musician you know that protecting your investment is a huge deal.  Over the past few years we have seen a variety of cases that are designed to be the best for the traveling guitarist.  We wanted to narrow our choices down to find the perfect bag that…


Looking At the Big Picture

One of the common threads of discussions I hear from worship leaders or creatives is that of dissatisfaction when comparring themselves to other churches. It seems that the old adage of “the grass is greener on the other side” certainly holds true in the church world. Where does the dissastifaction stem from and how do…

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A Message To Worship Leaders of Churches of ALL Sizes

Celebrate for a moment.  No matter what size church you are at – you are of VAST importance to God.   Read also “Here’s To The Middle Of The Road Average Worship Leader” and “Dear Worship Leader – Those of You NOT At Large Churches…“ Know a church who may need a worship pastor or…


Seeing Red – The Starbucks Effect

   The entire internet is buzzing about Starbucks red cups. Why not? Everyone (including me now) is talking about it. Starbucks puts out a new red cup each year..and this year it is simply red (if you didn’t know that by now. See what I did there?) As a result the entire web community has…


Worship Corner Podcast – Bob Minner (Tim McGraw)

  On this week’s podcast – Bob Minner, guitarist for over twenty years with Tim McGraw, joins us to talk about theology in today’s songs, worship, and his new Hymnal project. (more…) Know a church who may need a worship pastor or creative pastor? Click on the banner above for more info.

New Gear With A Special Twist

   Many of you will look at this and think – ah…a guitar strap.  You’d be right.  But it’s tons more. The design on it comes from material that was hand stiched on an existing guitar strap by my daughter.   The existing guitar strap was from a store of a bright young man who…


Finding Bright Spots In Your Starry Nights

Who Was Vincent Van Gogh? When I say the name “Vincent Van Gogh” – what comes to mind?  Get a mental picture and one or two thoughts.  In fact – write down one or two statements about Vincent Van Gogh on a piece of paper and we will come back to it. I want to…

“God Most High” Drum Instructional

In our “how-to” series, our instrument gurus show you how to play popular songs from worship services.  Here is WeLeadWorship “Drum Guru” Ryan Rushing for this week’s song on drums. (more…) Know a church who may need a worship pastor or creative pastor? Click on the banner above for more info.

Tree63 Land album Cover Art

Review – “Land” by Tree 63

New Release from Tree 63 : “Land” Review by Contributor Jericho Powers   Following a seven year hiatus, the edgy rock group that gripped our sing-a-long phase and our thirst for Christian alternative rock in the early 2000’s, is finally back! That’s right, Tree 63 has made their come back and is here with…