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The Best Thing That Happened to Guitars Since Strings Years ago, I fell in love with a tuner.  The great folks at TC Electronic sent me a PolyTune tuner – and I was skeptical.  It took one use of it to change my mind forever.  I was hooked – and, since then, the PolyTune has…

Using Ableton Live in Worship – An Introduction

Using Ableton Live in Worship – An Introduction

Here are the links we discussed in the video: Download the Ableton Template (includes “clicks” and “Counts/Cues” ) here. Download PadLoops from PadLoops.com Multitracks.com loopcommunity.com Know a church who may need a worship pastor or creative pastor? Click on the banner above for more info.


What Makes a Song “Congregational Singable”

On one of the forums that I am a part of, today, a user asked a question about a particular song.  She wanted to know if it was “good as a congregational song”.  (the song, by the way, was Mercy Me’s Flawless.) Until today – I may have been able to give you a brilliant…


Join Our Team : Writers Wanted

Are you ready to be part of a team? We love being able to provide great content to our readers.  Its one of the values we adopted nearly ten years ago when we started WeLeadWorship.com (formerly gotworship.net)  To keep the site alive with content rich for teams, leaders, musicians, vocalists, and pastors takes lots of…


Becoming Dynamite: Part One

“Why settle to be a firecracker – when you can be dynamite in the hands of God.” –  Dr. Harry Wood. This was an amazing comment I recently heard as Dr. Harry Wood, General Superintendent Emeritus of the Wesleyan Church, presided over the Ordination of ten of our pastors in my conference.  It was a…


Love Letters To God

I was talking to my wife recently about songwriting and worship styles when the conversation turned to a conversation I once had with John Mark McMillan about his writing style – and the use of “love” as it relates to God in songs.  My wife always amazes me with her knowledge and wisdom…she completes me…