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Monday School : Putting polls…err….”prayer” back in school.


Just Say “YES” To Prayer In School!

Okay…don’t close the window down just yet.  I actually do have a point to make.  In the past few days, I have seen at least five of my Facebook friends have posted a poll asking whether or not I think prayer should be added in school.  Don’t get me wrong – its not that I have a problem with having prayer in schools…but I can’t think of a Facebook poll that has changed the face of history yet – nor have all the numerous rallies and vigils to place prayer back in school.

I think sometimes we fall in the trap of outwardly supporting something without wholeheartedly believing in what we are supporting.  Lets take this, for example:

Should we put prayer back in schools?

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There.  You’ve done your part…made your mark.  Now, how about a bit of reality.  When is the last time you prayed?  How about this…if you were in school during the days when prayer was banned…did you pray daily anyway?  Don’t be offended…I include myself in that last category of folks who talk about putting prayer in schools – but never did it routinely when I was in school.

My point, class, is this.  Talk…and polls…are easy to do.  Taking action and actually doing something about it is a different story.

I’m choosing to pray….regardless of what polls may say.

Class dismissed.