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Living your life beyond 140 characters.


Funny – yes. Sad – that, too. We have gotten so accustomed to these 140 character wonders that we sometimes miss little moments…and big moments for the sake of having a severe case of “I gotta tweet that!” Laughable moments that could last forever now last for a few seconds before we bury our heads into our smartphones to tweet out the moment hoping to trade the laughter and good times spent with friends and families with countless followers you don’t REALLY know in hopes of retweets or mentions.

I know this. I’ve caught myself doing it. Me and my best friend can’t even seem to have a conversation on text without using hashtags in it…we’ve even verbalized them in regular conversation!


So is twitter the demon spawn child? Not at all – I have close relationships with some of the staff at and get pretty snazzy Christmas cards and gifts from them each year. I’ve talked in years past about how Twitter can be used as a powerful tool for ministry and churches. My concern comes not from the tecnology at all – but, rather, from our instinctive attachment to it.

I’ve seen fathers miss entire moments in their child’s life that they cant get back because they were busy tweeting a photo they took of their child standing on a soccer field wearing their uniform ready to start the game. That tweet caused the father to miss the only goal in the entire game that happened whilst he was texting…goal courtesy of his son.

Your life is more than 140 characters. Live your life accordingly. That tweet can wait.

Love you guys!