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A Conference In The Cloud

WorshipTraining Conference

Conferences are great – and you can gain a wealth of knowledge from conferences when the right subject matter is presented by the right speakers.  How about mixing the topic of worship with speakers like Dan Wilt, N.T. Wright, Donald Miller, Lenny Leblanc, Paul Baloche, Tim Hughes, Laura Story, Brenton Brown, Brian Doerksen, Kim Gentes, Andy Park, Don Moen, and a whole host of others…and make it available in every city across the globe at the same time?  

Speaking of time…that is a relative term as well – especially since the conference takes place….well….when you want it to!  Imagine a conference for your entire worship team or church with speakers of the highest caliber, at a location of your choosing, at a time you decide, complete with breakout sessions, and more.

This is a no-brainer. WorshipTraining.Com’s "Conference In The Cloud" is a must.  I’ve worked with these guys for the past six months.  I’ve seen them develop a platform to educate worship leaders like no ther platform before.  I see their hearts…and I see a model that is working. 

Do me a favor…if ANY of this sounds even remotely interesting to you…pay a visit to the link below for more info.  As a matter of fact, apply by June 1 and let them know sent you and get a special registration price for your church!

 Click here to Learn More about the Conference In The Cloud.