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  1. a Guitar Praise game wireless guitar controller
  2. Guitar Praise software with TONS of songs (for Mac or Windows)
  3. a wireless USB adapter
  4. the all new Guitar Praise Expansion Pack for even MORE songs!
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We have teamed up with a great company called Digital Praise to help get the word out about their product called “Guitar Praise.”  Guitar Praise is very similar to Rock Band or Guitar Hero – with the exception of the song selection.  All the music is Christian.  It is a game that you will have no problems letting your kids play – and you will enjoy playing yourself.  It connects to your PC or Mac with a wireless USB adapter so you can play your Guitar Praise guitar with “no strings attached.”

I’ll be giving you a first hand review of the product here in the next few days – but until then…how about a chance to WIN one for FREE?  Well, thanks to the folks at Digital Praise, we will be giving away a complete Guitar Praise package INCLUDING the all new expansion pack to one lucky reader.

How do you win? I’m glad you asked.  The rules are simple.

  1. Follow @jasonwhitehorn and @gotworship on twitter.  (Just click the names to be taken to the individual twitter pages.) You MUST follow BOTH accounts to win.
  2. Enter your twitter username in the box below and press “Get Links”.  You can share these links on Twitter and Facebook to earn points.  You can earn 5 points for sharing the pre-formating twitter message on twitter and pick up an additional 5 points for sharing it on Facebook by clicking the Facebook link.  Finally, you can earn 1 point just for commenting a short blurb at the bottom of this article about who you are, how you found this site, and what role (if any) you have in worship at your church.

It really is that easy!  So go ahead and follow us on Twitter, get your links, and good luck winning!  (Yes, you can tweet the links as many times as you like.  The more times you tweet it…the more points you gain.)  The one with the most points at the end of the contest….wins.  Falling behind on points?  Don’t stress…there will be random drawings as well – so make sure you participate for your chance to win.

What are you waiting for?  Once you’re done, check back on this page to track the leaderboard and see who is leading the pack! The deadline to enter is March 1st, 2010 !

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Important note….Points for twitter user “@prayweets” do not count.

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