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A Request from the founder…

If my daughter – my own flesh and blood, was malnourished and didn’t have proper clothes for the winter…how many of you would rush to send me assistance to help her?  I dare say if I pleaded loud enough…many of you would.  My daughter would be fed, clothed, and showered with love from people she doesn’t even know.

I am glad that you feel that way…

I am glad that you could bring yourself to help my daughter…a girl you don’t even know…

…because I have a request…

Each day, there are girls just like my daughter – and boys as well – that are severely malnourished and starving, have no proper clothes, disease ridden drinking water…and our love for them should be no different than the love you would show my daughter.

As a World Vision Artist, I’d love to request that you take a moment and just simply pray about sponsoring a child via World Vision.  For the cost of a coke a day, you could help feed a child, help the community they live in, and so much more.

Having been a sponsor, I can tell you that it is rewarding.  You get letters from your sponsored child (in my case…the cutest crayon drawings in the world as she is too young to write) and you get to show her (or him) the love of God in such a powerful way.

If you have questions about what it takes to sponsor a child…I’d love to talk to you.  We can discuss in the comments section below or you can send me a personal email at jason (at) .

So…for just a moment…lets pretend that MY daughter is in need…and it is a matter of her well-being at stake – because the love you would show to a little girl or boy somewhere in this world that needs your attention is no different than the love you would show for my daughter.

“…whatever you do for the least of these…”

Please visit the link below for more information on sponsoring a child…or to start sponsoring today.  I would sincerely appreciate it…

…and some daughter/son somewhere…would appreciate it even more.

God Bless,

Please click the banner link below to learn more or to sponsor a child.

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