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A Response to the “___ Reasons People Are Leaving Your Church” Articles

(null)I’m done. I’m done reading “20 (or 10 or 8 or 4 or 2 or ) Reason(s) Why People Are Leaving Your Church” articles. (Pretty sure everyone is just copying off of each other’s ideas anyway) I don’t need your advice…and you don’t need mine.

What I need to do…what WE need to do…is to BE the church. I AM the church. WE are the church. Not a building…not a denomination…not an address…each of us are the church.

Yes, we are made for corporate worship. Don’t abandon that for even a minute..but If there is a reason why someone is leaving…stop pointing fingers stop making it about the sermon…the songs…YOU be the church. That’s what I’m going to worry about doing. You with me?