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A Secret Weapon To Find New Worship Songs


I’ve got a secret weapon when it comes to finding new worship songs for your worship service.  Admittedly, your service would need to be in the same genre as my church for to apply – but it is a great way to find new songs and inspiration, nonetheless.


I’ll give you a hint – it has to do with what’s in Carlos’ box…
Ok…I’ll share.  I love two great song services these days.  One is a new one called “Spotify”.  The other is my old trusted standby called “Pandora”.  Getting a Pandora account is free and easy.  Head over to and sign up for free.  Once you are set up – you can make “Stations” based on artists you like.  Ready for the mindblowing piece of ninja worship leading wisdom?

…create a new station using “Carlos Whittaker“.

BOOM.  There you go.  Many of you already know of Carlos.  He is an outstanding guy…great worship leader…and we kinda like him here in Nashville.  If you don’t know of him…get to know him.  You’ve probably already seen him and his family in a little video that went WILDLY viral this past year.

So why add Carlos?  First things first…his music is spot on.  Second…I have come across numersous new artists and songs from similar artist that have inspired me and that I feel are a great fit for worship based on Carlos’ music on Pandora.  Find someone you like on Pandora and want to hear more of them?  Snag their name and plug them in Spotify.  BAM!  You’ve got new songs to chose from.

…but its a secret…you won’t tell anyone, right?