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A Word for the Worship Leader After Easter

For all of you who had bad days today: it happens. Something didn’t go as planned. Someone didn’t show up. Okay…maybe NO one showed up. Equipment failed. Tempers flared. Whatever it may be…

Know this…

Satan has read the same Book you have. He knows how the Story ends. Today’s Story is one he HATES. Can’t blame him for trying everything to disrupt it.

Poor guy.

It doesn’t change a thing…

He is STILL risen…

He is risen, indeed.

He has won the battle.

He has won your battle.



…wake up with breath in your lungs that you don’t deserve to have…but somehow God gives us that amazing gift over and over.

Inhale it…

…exhale it….

…and do something amazing with it.


….is YOUR resurrection day!

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