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Abandon the agenda!


(Article by “got worship?” contributor Justin Mulder)

Why is it that we find worship so hard as a way of life? It’s hard enough in church when we are there, worship team in front of us and the people around us are clapping, raising their hands etc. Our mind’s though aren’t confined to the 4 walls of a church building, and neither are our hearts. We can be worried, tired, distracted etc. and I haven’t even mentioned Monday morning!

I have recently been trying to make more space and open up my spirit so that God can occupy that central place in my life. I am more convinced than ever this is what is needed, but it is not a quick fix. It’s messy because God won’t let me fake it. It’s more than just a “truth” that I have to grab hold of, it is a person living inside me and influencing everything around me because of our relationship.

Now that sounds super-spiritual but it’s way to0 messy to be super-spiritual. It’s like climbing a mountain which is pretty steep, with the sides made up of lot’s of dirt and loose stones. You are taking steps forward, but there is also lot’s of sliding backwards.

But it’s oh so worth it! There is a new profound sense of peace building in my life, it’s gathering momentum. It’s not a fragile peace but something that, as it grows in strength, provides shelter from the storms we all face.

And yet while this can sound simple it’s not that easy. I have found that for us to make room for God in our lives, we have to surrender our lives. It is impossible to connect or maybe even have God at the center of our lives, living in our spirits, if we live life according to our own agenda.

Part of how we can express our worship lifestyles is through the music/language of surrender. I came across a quote the other day, can’t remember who or where, that basically says “it is not the job of our wills to choose but rather to consent”.

I think why so many of us are frustrated with our “christianity” is so much of it comes down to us choosing this over that, choosing to believe this or that, which is all good by the way. HOWEVER it seems like all we ever do is “choose”, which doesn’t need relationship. Compare that to consenting, which requires not only relationship but a certain level of intimacy and trust.

I’m still unpaking this, so take some time to think about it and let me know your thoughts and comments!

I am a worship leader in South Africa. I currently head up the worship ministry for a Vineyard church plant called The Edge. I was in the ministry full-time for 9 years, which also included planting a church in Southern California. Currently I am tent-making, teaching I.T. at a private Christian school. I am passionate about worship especially when it touches every area of our lives, when we take it to the streets. Lastly I am also a drummer and played with a legendary group of people called “The Benjamin Gate”. Eventually I left them because the law of averages says that “eventually all drummers will spontaneously combust or fall victim to a bizarre gardening accident.” Ha ha…