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got worship? Media has a great way for you to get the message out about your business, product or service through our readers.  One of the most convenient ways to do so is by advertising on our website.  Each month,  our site gets more than 200,000 banner impressions – giving you more than enough traffic each month to deliver your message or brand to.

Our website gets noticed – we have had the pleasure of being asked to be the Official Blog for GMA Immerse in years past and have also been asked to be an official blogger for the National Worship Leader’s Workshop.  Then, in 2010, we were honored by Worship Leader Magazine by being awarded a 2010 Editor’s Choice Award and being placed in the 2010 Worship Leader Magazine‘s “Best of The Best” issue.  We get noticed…and we want our readers to notice you.

For that reason, our ads are conveniently located.  Essentially, the website is divided into four main “Zones” for ad purposes.

Zone 1 Ads

Zone 1 consists of our most popular ads.  These are standard 125X125 banners and one eye-catching 300X250 ad as well as an all new 260X125 region situated between the two.  These can be static or animated for the same price.  There are different price points for these ads:


300X250 ads (This ad will not rotate)

  • Purchased by the month for $100/month
  • Purchased by the year for $1200/year

Availability : This ad is currently AVAILABLE.  Click here to purchase this zone.


125X125 ads (This ad will rotate)

  • Purchased by week for $15/week
  • Purchased by month for $50/month
  • Purchased by the year for $540/year (*a 10% savings)

Availability : Currently 2 of 6 slots are available.  Contact [email protected] for to purchase.


Zone 2

Zone 2 consists of one of our most noticeable advertisements – our “Page Peel” ad.  Our popular “page peel” ad appears in the upper-right hand corner of each page in the “Zone 2” area. This page entices the reader to “peel down” the corner to reveal a bit more of the page “beneath”. Once the underlying page is clicked on, the viewer is transported to your landing page.

This service is affordable at only $350.00/month or for $3,000.00 per year.

Availability : This slot is currently available.  Contact [email protected] for to purchase.


Zone 3

(This ad will not rotate)

Zone 3 consists of several separate banner ads “below the fold”.  One banner is a large 260X260 while the remaining ads can be configured in a variety of different options (from 125X125 to 350X125).  While these banners are not at the top of each page, they are at the optimal level where most people are at once they have concluded reading an article.  These are available for several separate pricing points:

Availability : This slot is currently available.


Zone 4

Zone 4, while noted as the last Zone, is comprised with some of our hottest selling real-estate.  These are specialty ads that are designed to get the most optimum exposure from our readers.

Mid-text In-Article Banners

One of our most sought after slots in this zone is our “Mid-text In-Article 468X60 Banner”.  This article is prime real-estate because it becomes next to impossible for our readers to miss it while reading each article.  This banner needs to be reserved in advance and is currently reserved and under contract until April 2012.


  • 468X60 in-article banner.
  • found mid-text in each page and in each article.
  • Should be reserved in advance.
  • Available for $175 per month or $50 per week.
  • This ad will rotate – but is limited to three (3) slots.

Availability : This slot is currently unavailable until April 2012.  Get on the waiting list by emailing [email protected]


Paid Reviews

Some of our highest rated articles and most searched articles on are our review pieces.  We provide an honest review of your product and write an in-depth article for our readers to read.  This article will be sent out to our large social-media base at 12 noon for three day’s – giving your product plenty of attention.

These paid reviews run $100 each.  We will only allow one article on the same product every six months.


Podcast Sponsors

Our weekly podcasts have been gaining popularity.  In addition to our reach on all social media networks, our RSS and email feeds, and our regular visitors, these podcasts are also housed and searched on iTunes – making your brand very accessible to the masses.

Podcast sponsors will be featured up front in each 10-15 minute podcast and has a personal invitation from our host to visit the sponsor’s website.  These can be purchased for $35.00 (US) per week.

A sponsored review about a product consists of having an entire 5-10 minute podcast about your product alone and runs $100 (US) weekly.


Space for these ads are limited – so we encourage you to reserve your spot today for the next month.