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All The Impact In A Room…All The Room Left for Impact

Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention at the Opryland Convention Center.   That place was packed from floor to floor with exhibitors during the half-week event!  While the focus was geared towards – well…religious broadcasters…the most impressive aspect was the amount of folks crammed into one room.

There were all sorts of famous names during the event – Dr. James Dobson, Michael W. Smith, Phillips Craig & Dean (got to see those gents) and even President Bush himself.   While I would have like to have seen the former and the later, there were plenty of people who have made some changes to the world at Sunday’s event – such as Brad Bright.  I got to sit and talk with them and even enjoyed a copy of Brad’s new book.  Even cooler…I felt like a kid again to see Art Rorheim, the Co-Founder and president emeritus of AWANA.

As a former AWANA Director, I look up to a man who has had such an impact on so the world.  Can you imagine how many children have come to know Jesus because of the program he started many years ago?  Art is a great man and now his program is in over 17,000 churches in over 100 coutries helping minister to over 1,000,000 kids each week!  Can you imagine him praying the prayer of Jabez?  Somehow I get the feeling He heard him when he said “enlrage my territory!”

But that’s the point!  The whole expo room at the Opryland Convention Center seemed to swallow me whole.  I barely had time to get down a row and a half before it was time to leave – and yet there were so many people in that one space who have had such an impact on so many people.  Yet, at the same time, I have to imagine the small space, in relation, that the Opryland Convention Center occupies.  If that many lives could be impacted weekly by one man like Art – imagine what could happen if we all did our part?  It isn’t that Art and others like Art decided to do something for personal recognition…. Art decided to follow the Great Commission.

Art’s work reaches a million kids a week.  Imagine the work that Jesus could do the hearts of many if we each just stepped out into our own back yards.

Go out into all the world...”