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An AWESOME free tool for task management

If you need a great free tool to manage the simple tasks in your life with minimal resources…then I have just the website for you: enter .  This website is developed by my good friend Andrew Lee.  (Yes, I know a lot of us tend to throw around the phrase “my good friend” like its going out of style…but Andrew just so happens to live next door as well as plays bass for me in various worship teams.)  It is simple in what it does…minimal even – you type your tasks in the input field and they stay locally saved on the computer or device you entered them on.  There is no “save” button.  You can close the window, shut down the computer, and come back hours later…and your task is still there.

Want a shopping list on the go?  Call up the website on your smartphone and you have a portable shopping list.  It’s great for to-do lists as well!

Since the items are held locally on your own computer – they are there as long as your cache stays around.  If you clear the cache – then the tasks go away.  To remove an item in the list – simply backspace over it…or type a new one in its place.

Give the site a try today and see if you don’t find yourself becoming a huge fan of “minimal tasks”.