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Are You Toxic With Your Online “Witness”?

Let me be clear…

I don’t think homosexuality is acceptable by any standards Biblically.  I don’t think that a person should continue to live actively in that sin.  Look past someone else’s faults for a minute and listen to what I am REALLY saying about ourselves….each of us…those of us who are as straight as the Washington Monument….but still forget the glass houses we live in.

Take heart…and take love.

Be gentle in comments…or be harsh.  Just evaluate.

6 thoughts on “Are You Toxic With Your Online “Witness”?”

  1. Becky Davis says:

    Hey Jason, just thouht I'd comment. I REALLY like what you said. As I listen to what you said a few things came back to me. I really try to keep things postive on facebook because I want those comments to reflect who I am as a person and as God's child. Although this is sorta off topic of the posting, just an example. Because of recent events at my church as you know, I had been really upset and really said some things at home. My husband is not a Christian and my words were venomous because although I didn't realize it at the time, (I was venting) but I totally turned him away from the church, and probably away from Christianity and God and THAT was never my intention. I couldn't even get him into church on Easter Sunday to see our final concert with our music minister. I asked him, if it were not for the things I told you about the church would you have gone and he said" Yeah, probably" that cut me like a knife and that is just an example of what venumous words can do. I'm still going to be building up God now after this and I just made that road even longer I'm afraid.
    -Becky D.

  2. Becky D. says:

    So yes, our words are VERY important. We must remember that, and oh… while I'm on the topic… we gotta watch the games too and things like Horoscopes, that was recently brought to my attention. While it's just silly and funny to me to post those things occasionally, some ppl may think I believe in that so I deleted it. Just my thoughts.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This lengthy, convoluted YouTube video is toxicity at its finest. While you argue that you too suffer from "imperfections," your demeanor, towards the behaviors of others who made comments about Ms. Knapp's situation and "Obamacare" (unassociated much?), comes with one big finger pointed straight at them. Sadly, you forget three are pointing straight back at you.

    You make the argument for the importance of exhorting each other (i.e. "If I were dealing with repetitive sin, I'd like for someone to tell me, 'You. Stop. It's bad. God loves you. Be good."). It's laughable to imagine that no one, in the eight long years that Ms. Knapp has been with her partner, has approached her and exhorted her that what she is doing is sinful and detrimental to her spiritual life. Knapp's a big girl, she's not dumb, and she has time and time again made it clear that to her, her Christianity/her faith, calls her to love on her neighbor and invest in people's lives (especially according to her, her partners) and that while people have exhorted her to examine her life, her interpretation of Jesus' love is open, so much so that her relationship is in fact allowable. Furthermore, on your same premise, a Twitter comment extended to Ms. Knapp saying, "Hey, Jesus loves you, don't be gay anymore (paraphrase)," even if intended in the best of ways, would still be judgmental and accusatory. Catch-22 indeed.

    The antithesis of your seven minute, 54 second argument is you. While those commenting on the sensationalism of this revived story (it's not the first time Knapp has shown/given reason to believe that she is gay) are perfectly following suit to the culture of our day (not to mention being severely dull-witted) so too are you. Look around your blog, it's a mammoth billboard to the aggrandizement of your "profession"; just because it services the "Christian community" doesn't make it any less farcical

    And this most baffling to me, if you are to have some credibility with your theology and audience (those who not simply absorb content, but actually actively analyze it), I recommend you not say, "[the Bible has proven] that homosexuality is not cool." Perhaps a citation to validate your statement to those not acquainted with why the G-o-d doesn't think gay = cool? Not to mention, perhaps rephrasing your highly lackadaisical comment regarding coolness to something less kid-like and more articulate. (Not cool? Really?)

    1. mm
      Jason Whitehorn says:

      "If I were dealing with repetitive sin, I'd like for someone to tell me, 'You. Stop. It's bad. God loves you. Be good."

      You seemed to have missed the entire point. You seemed to have missed quite a few points and have taken from my statements what you feel can be used for target practice. Not only did I say "homsexuality is not cool"…I called it sin. I said that is not acceptable by any standards Biblcally. I've made no mistake to say that it is wrong. The intent of the article is not to say or show how homosexuality is wrong. Nor is to show where murder is wrong. Nor is it to show where gluttony is wrong. Nor is it to show where any other number of sins are wrong.

      The point was this….

      Should we be bashing someone repeatitively for their sin all over the internet? Or should we be praying for them?

      You see…you have watered down ever word of what I said to mean that my intent was "someone needs to go to Jennifer Knapp and say 'God loves you…now run along and don't be gay anymore!' " … all it took was listening to EVERY word I said to know that I was not saying that at all. What I WAS saying was that we should be praying for someone privately…instead of bashing publically. I said that I would much rather have someone come up to me and hold me accountable for my sins than criticize me behind my back. Have their been people in Jennifer's life talk to her to hold her accountable? I'm sure! I'm also fairly sure that 99.9% of the people online spewing venom never have.

      So, my anonymous friend, I hope I've addressed your concerns. I'll be happy to address several passages in Leviticus that specifically target the sin of homosexuality when I ever post an article that has a subject of why homosexuality is wrong. It, however, was not my focus. It is the focus you are trying to make it. You have taken the subject matter and cast it aside and tried to replace it with your own.

  4. Anonymous says:

    While it’s admirable and laughable how much you like to hear yourself talk; I politely decline to rebuttle your spelling-mistake erroded (reviewing their vs. there is a great start, also, publicly vs. publically–old English perhaps?), childish “no, you shut up!” response. I suppose one must be of that character to record a five minute plus video on absolute blabber. From the style of your writing one can only help but realize the level on which we’re both coming from. Next time, use a dictionary. Not to mention, a tripod. Your convoluted, Witch-Blair Project like video is laughable, and just like your post above, redundant.

    And yes, there are indeed many verses in the Bible (even outside of Leviticus! Even in the New Testament! I know, surprise!) that show the sinful nature of homosexuality. My point in emphasizing your incompetence in addressing it maturely and with intelligence (reinforced by your response), was to emphasize the overall tone of your post, that is, lacking substance and leaving one certain that engaging you in a theological discussion would leave you as baffled as a kid who has had his lolly taken away from.

  5. mm
    Jason Whitehorn says:

    Now….since I allowed your last venomous post to be published…let me try to put it all into perspective for you. Please – I ask as respectfully as I can for you to try to be objective and listen without the very obvious bias you have for some reason.

    You began your comments to me by several comments that tell me you still miss my point. You make simple stabs like "unassociated much" which demonstrate to me that you aren't following at all what the intent of my article is. Being the one who made the video – I can assure you that I am aware what the subject matter was … and it was not "Jennifer Knapp is a Homosexual". Had it been that, then – sure – putting in healthcare into that would have made me Captain Random. My topic was about Toxic Christianity. (I was pretty clear on that in the title).

    Lately, Ive heard so many friends, noted speakers, authors, artists, and many others who proudly speak the name of Christianity showing a wold in twitter and Facebook that they speak love i none corner of their mouths and speak venom out of the other. It could be on a variety of topics. Does it mean that the mention of the topics is wrong? No. Does it mean disagreeing with the topics is wrong? No…my focus is HOW it is being handled and discussed.

    Now…lets fast forward. The straw that ended up "breaking the camel's back" was seeing a ton of folks who were making some very publicly hateful comments about Jennifer Knapp. I'm not talking "Jennifer Knapp is doing something sinful by being gay" …. I'm talking being outright hateful.

    I grabbed my cam phone…and I shared my thoughts.

    Somewhere while filming it…I realized that SOMEONE would hear me CASUALLY mention it…and MISTAKE me for saying "folks…back off her! It is OKAY to be GAY! QUIT BEING SO MEAN TO THOSE WHO ARE GAY!" …. so I made sure to stop and say "the Bible is very clear about it." I figured we didnt need more than that for the sake of this discussion. After all…the purpose of my discussion was NOT whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong – or homosexuality at ALL … the purpose was to say "watch how you say things".

    I went further to simply mention that, if I were repeating in a particular sin, I would want someone to hold me accountable – not waste so much time gossiping about it on twitter or facebook to say "wow, I can't believe Jason did THAT!"

    Now….let me digress. I sincerely hope you have read and sincerely listened to each word. I hope you have done so with more than just critical focus in how I have spelled or what form sentence structure I used…or whether or not I used a tripod.

    It saddens me that you have taken the time to be so degrading in your comments – spewing the very venom that I warned about to begin with. It bothers me that you paint the picture of me that I might not be against homosexuality by the words you type. (You first wanted me to take a scriptural stance against it…then when I do mention Leviticus, you become sarcastic about it – making comments like "even outside of Leviticus! Even in the New Testament! I know, surprise!"

    My big question…..? Why? Why be anonymous? Why take the time to be so rude and throw so many rocks? I've said nothing wrong in my video. I've done nothing wrong scripturally, theologically, morally…yet you attack. … and the question is still…why?

    Perhaps I will not get as honest of answers as I have taken an honest measure to try to set a record straight that I never tarnished to begin with. Perhaps a guy who is "laughable" and "likes to hear (myself) talk" is more "admirable" in the fact that he gave you, someone who chooses to hide in a cloak of anonymity, the ability to have their comments posted on his blog when he could have just edited them away as if they never happened. I've given you more than enough opportunities to speak…now I am simply asking you to be fair and honest in what you say.

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