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Beautiful Tangled Mess…and his name is “Carlos”.


If you don’t know Carlos – you’re missing something.  If you know Carlos – you’re not missing much.  He’s just a guy…like you an me – but he doesn’t try to paint in all the hidden gaps of his world.  He is a transparent beautiful mess.  I love this guy.  I’ve studied with him, followed his blog, listened to his rants, watched his journey progress, even watched him lead worship on a toilet.  (I told you he was a beautiful mess.)

So why am I talking about one man?  The answer is simple…I honestly think I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t introduce you to him…and to 100% pure honest music that he is now creating with Integrity Music.

Let me introduce you to Carlos Whittaker.

Do me a favor…

give me 10 minutes of your time that I can’t promise you’ll ever get back…

…but its ten minutes that see that “bald & chubby dad” who is beautifully as messed up as you are…

…can do something AWESOME for GOD’s glory.

Carlos’s website can be found here.  Enjoy.