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Becoming Dynamite: Part One


“Why settle to be a firecracker – when you can be dynamite in the hands of God.”

–  Dr. Harry Wood.

This was an amazing comment I recently heard as Dr. Harry Wood, General Superintendent Emeritus of the Wesleyan Church, presided over the Ordination of ten of our pastors in my conference.  It was a powerful statement.  The backstory sets it up.

As Dr. Wood looked across the front row at each person to be ordained – he stressed the importance of what was about to happen.  He paused and cautioned each person:  “There are some people who become a pastor simply because they love being a pastor.  They love the title and the ‘things’ that come with it.  Don’t be one of them.”  He went on to talk about the accolades that can come with being a pastor – and the many ways in which popularity can get the best of us.

He couldn’t be more spot on.  Francis Chan left the church he pastored for years because, according to him, “I hear more people calling the name ‘Francis Chan’ than I hear the Name Above All Names.”  To be frank…I don’t know how many people who are at the level that Francis Chan are at that are letting that sink in.  To be even more brutal…I don’t know that there are days I let that sink in even at the level I do ministry.  I have a verified twitter account that I coveted for years from the television show that I was a part of before.  Until recently – I kept it separate from my ministry because I didn’t want the worlds to collide.  Now – I choose to allow it to be an instrument for God.

Still – are there dangers that my own twitter could cause me to falter?  Absolutely.  Transparency time here.  I recently had a gut check after stomping my feet (inside my head) like a child because one of my peers wasn’t following me.  “Does he not think we are close enough as friends that he would follow?  Surely he’d follow my account.  I’m verified…wait.  He isn’t even verified.”  Really?  Did that thought even cross my mind?  A blue checkmark all of the sudden meant friendship?  A blue checkmark meant I have any more value than the mighty value God sees in me?  I was humbled.

You see – something within me caused me to think I was something…I was a firecracker.  Light me up….watch me “pop”.

Have you ever seen a “dud” firecracker?  Thats what our ego looks like.


…what if?

…what if we gave up all self in everything we did?

What if what guitars we used for worship didn’t matter to anyone?  Even ourselves?

What if spending money on guitar pedals, amps, the perfect shoes and a cobbler on speed-dial, the latest haircut – and every other thing of relevancy didn’t matter?

What if we submitted to what God and God alone wanted of us?

What if we put people over missions again?

What if we rolled over and went to prayer each morning and grabbed the Bible instead of grabbing our smartphones first thing and seeing who said what on Facebook or how many likes or replies our tweets got?

What if we actually prayed for every person we said “I’ll be praying for you” during the course of a day to?

What if we stopped playing church and started being missionaries from the time we hit our front door?

What if we cared as deeply about worship Monday thru Saturday as much as we display we do on Sunday?

What if it all started with me?




What if I’m not as much of a firecracker as I think I am?




What if?



What if I could be DYNAMITE when I fully submit to God’s use?

Light a fuse with me….will you?



“Why settle to be a firecracker – when you can be dynamite in the hands of God.”  –  Dr. Harry Wood.