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Before You Say A Word This Sunday….Remember This:

God is here.

No – don’t just gloss over the words. Some of you may even say it out of habit during a service to merely “suggest” that God is “in this place”…

…but He is.

Can you

imagine, for even a brief moment, what it will be like to be before God almighty in Heaven?

Worship this Sunday just as you would if you were before Him…

…because you are.


2 thoughts on “Before You Say A Word This Sunday….Remember This:”

  1. Mari rodriguez says:

    Love what u wrote here it makes perfect sence i need to hear special words once in a while keep it coming dont hold back.u &family ur truly blessed it shows …AMEN…

  2. mari rodriguez says:

    I hope my reply got 2 u. Mari r.

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