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Bethel Music – Have It All

Bethel Music-Have It All-cover

There are albums you are excited about – and then there are albums that make you fall in love with God over and over again as a result of.  Thank you to Bethel Music for making both happen with Have It All.  As a songwriter, I’m going to forgo my normal channels of “review formality” and simply talk to you from my heart.  No flowery words.  No “the bridge takes us to..

…no.  This album is NAKED…and transparent.

I’ve listened to album after album in my years in music – wanted to rip my ears out in some and wanted to rejoice with others.  I’ve had the honor to write plenty of reviews for Worship Leader Magazine on some of the greatest music that has topped CCLI…but I couldn’t even begin to write a word until I could get up off of my knees from listening to this album front to back.

The title track, “Have It All” stems from a raw Bethel moment when Brian and Jenn were sitting in the auditorium listening to the message and a moment hit them.

It was one of the few moments I wasnt trying to write a song, and it just came out. Then I realized, Oh, this is a song,’” Brian admits. It sums up the last season of surrendering to Him in all things.

The song is pure brilliance and yet so simple – it says everything I want to declare to God.  The music drives every single emotion to every climax needed at every right moment.

Lion and The Lamb give a theological contrast between the might and the tenderness of our God and Savior without falling into a cliche trap.

In fact…this whole album breaks free of the cliche snare with original lyrics and new breath into new lungs of melodies.

There are plenty of songs on the album to incorporate into your services for corporate worship that will encourage great moments of selah – and an entire album for your own personal worship and reflection.  If you buy the entire album for no other reason than to lock yourself in a room and get caught up worshiping God in a flood of emotions – then it will have been a worthwhile album for 2016.

I cannot possibly over-recommend an album any more than this one.  Have It All, goes on sale internationally March 11 with pre-orders beginning Friday, Feb. 26.

At the end of the day, I think its important that were pointing people to Him instead of even the songs or our movement, Brian says. I think its really important thatit wouldnt just end with people looking at us, but that wed be like signs to Him If that happened, that would be enough for me, because then wed feel like we did the work were called to do with this album.

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