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BOOK REVIEW: For The Tough Times

For The Tough Times by: Max Lucado

Today, in my quiet time, I got a chance to read Max Lucado’s For The Tough Times. At well less than 100 pages, this book is a small read – but speaks volumes of truth of how God always has, always is, and always will be in control.

Placed in the down-to-earth modern language of today that Lucado is known for, this book will inspire you to remember to let go…and let God. You’ll look at familiar stories from the Bible in a new way while reading this book. I particularly liked Lucado’s take on the story of Job.

All in all, the book is perfect for anyone going through any type of struggle or dark day in life. You’ll find scripture-based inspiration to let you know that everything is in God’s tender hands…even “for the tough times.”

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