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BOOK REVIEW: "Lessons From The Road"


While I was at NRB in a little while back – I was given a copy of Nigel James’ Lessons From the Road.  The book is from Authentic Publishing and is written by the road pastor for Third Day.  Most books – I read striaght through and may take a couple of days to read.  This book, however, I chose to read over the course of a month or so.  I did so because the book can be used as a great devotional book.

Each chapter has commentary and behind-the-scenes moments with Third Day, but also has comments from the band members about memories, songs, devotioanls, and other insights.  At the conclusion  of each chapter comes a devotional pulled straight from the same pages of dlessonsevotionals shared by Nigel with the band.

If you’ve ever performed or toured before….you’ll appreciate it.  If you love God…you’ll appreciate it.  If you aren’t sure where you fit into the equation but think “I’ve heard those guys on the radio before”…then you’ll appreciate it and possibly get more out of than you bargained for!

You can pick it up at or most any other media venue.  You can also learn more about “life on the road” by visiting Third Day’s blog.

I hope you enjoy the book!

Until Every Knee Bows,