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BOOK REVIEW: This Is Your Brain On Joy

bookreview-743408I will readily admit, I am not a man easily entertained by “health books”.  That being said, this book was a suprise for me. This Is Your Brain On Joy by Dr. Earl Henslin made me take a look deep inside myself at some of my mannerisms and, suprisingly enough has become a second reader for me.  (I rarely read books twice…so this one is a rarity.)

Can you see “joy”?  What if you could see joy in a medical sense and realize how to make your “joy” more relevant in your life.  Dr. Henslin does a splendid job of taking a taunting task of taking something very technical and “dumbing it down” for the layperson.

I can’t begin to recomend this book enough if you deal with any type of depression, anxiety, anger issues,  migranes, seizures, ect.  It was worth a second read for me…and I am still gainning insight from it.  WHy don’t you give it a try today!