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Many of you are already aware – and still many of you may not be…but the woman who has, for many years, been the “chief editor” of passed away last week. That dear woman carried a title much stronger to me…

…the title of “Mom”.

My mother was only 58 years young. Way too early to depart. It was about this time Monday morning last week that I was calling my mother…the same day that she slipped into a coma that she never returned from. I begged and pleaded for ALL of you to join me in prayer for healing for my mother as she was transported by helicopter to a more advanced ICU. I clenched a steering wheel and fought to see straight as I heard the news that my mother went into cardiac arrest. I was hopeless…and left it all in God’s control.

…all along I made statements on facebook and twitter:

“God is sovereign”.

A few short days later and we are told by the doctor in ICU that my mother had no signs of brain activity of her own…that life support is the only thing keeping her running. Legally, at 9:13 am on the 23rd…my mother was pronounced departed. When the moment was that her spirit retired we may never know…but i know there is one thing left un-addressed:

There may be some of you who will ask and question: “You put so much faith in God and prayer through this? Where is God now? Why didn’t he do anything?” Grant it, the vast majority of my audience globally on are believers…so the conversation is moot – but there are many friends on facebook and twitter who may not have a clear understanding…so I want to explain where God is in all of this:

“God is sovereign”.

I cannot express those words enough. I knew praying each prayer that If my mother should live and make it through – it was according to God’s sovereignty. If my mother should pass from the clutches of this earthly home – it was according to God’s sovereignty. I mourn. I do. Each passing moment does not appear to be any easier. I loved my mother dearly. But I mourn being bound by earthly chains. I rejoice, however, in knowing my mother’s salvation…and that she spends eternity in Heaven. Which is greater? My comfort to have her here…or the strength to let her go knowing her destination? Am I bitter that I have lost my mother? Absolutely. Am I bitter at God? No.

“God is sovereign”.

With all this said. Posting articles may take me some time. I havent lost the passion for worship…but the motivation to do life’s normal things seems to be slow to return. Please bear with me during this.

If you have an article that you have written that you would like to share on the site – or if you would like to become a quest writer on – please send an email to [email protected] . I would greatly appreciate it.

Serving With You,


P.S. Please call your mothers.