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Brilliance in Buckhead

worshipnotesMy all-time favorite blog online is by every modern-day worship leader’s “brother from another mother” – Carlos “Los” Whittaker.  Los leads worship at Buckhead Church in Hot-lanta…and he does it well.  The man is slap-happy on fire for bringing some praise to the masses.   The man can have a whim and bring together an online live worship night that attracts hundreds of worshipers from around the country and globe…and somehow manage to do it while sitting in his bathroom.  (This does, however, give new meaning to the lyric “seated on the throne“….but I digress.

If there is one thing that Los is good at, it is creating environments for worship that truly engage.  His worship service for Good Friday…was nothing short of Buckhead Brilliance.

When the congregants and guests arrived at church, there were met with a poloroid camera to take a picture of their faces…then they were asked to sign the picture and were told the images would be used in service.  Little did they know that their faces would be individually nailed to a 15 foot cross center-stage…a true reflection that it was their sins that Jesus died for.

I can’t steal all of the thunder for this post.  I’d encourage you to go over to his site and take a look at the video of a much larger portion of the service caught on video.  There are also more details from this awesome service.  Go pick up some pointers……engage….live…love…and worship!

Until Every Knee Bows,