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Building Your Worship Team (Part 2)


Have you read “Part 1” of this series yet?


I firmly believe that building effective worship teams requires more than simply finding four or five people that can read music or play an instrument. (Although it helps if they do both). As worship pastors and worship leaders, we can take easy steps that will help reap major paybacks when it comes to team building…like:

3. Read the same scriptures.

God has this unique ability of taking a Book He wrote thousands of years ago, that has been read countless times, and still delivering something new out of it at the right time. Why not share those moments? Whether by text, Twitter, or email – send a scripture to your team that God has revealed something to you through and then let everyone comment together about it. Don’t have a great scripture of wisdom? Don’t force it…ask if anyone on your team has one to share. Eventually, your team will grow to readily receive or share the Word on a daily basis. It is powerful…it is uplifting…and it can sometimes put the right perspective on things at the right moment.

4. Make it a requirement to serve.

I’ve already got that rule…the folks on my team have to serve at least one Sunday a month in worship.” That’s great…and the fact that you require those that God has already called to serve in that capacity to actually serve is good…but it is not what I am going for. (Please accept my apologies for the sarcasm – but I offer no apologies for the truth it holds) When we are called to serve, we should be expected to serve in the areas we are called to. After all, it isn’t the worship pastor who has “called” our team to worship, right? Let God humble His people to obey their calling – it’s up to you to foster that relationship of servitude.

Make it a requirement that each member of your team serve in one other area of the church or in service to the church body each month. Whether it is to join together to go out and do simple projects for shut-ins, host a “Parents Night Out” and provide childcare at the church nursery, take care of the lawn work at the church…find an area and plug in. Now – here is the hardest part of this step…don’t ask your team to do anything you wouldn’t do – so find an area for yourself and serve!

Now that we’ve added two more building blocks to our arsenol, we can go back and review our first two steps, start implementing what we’ve learned today, and start building better and stronger teams for His glory!


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