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Building Your Worship Team (Part 3)

For the past two days, we’ve been reviewing a list of ten ways we can better build our worship teams.  If you haven’t already, go back and review the first and second post in the series.  Today, we plan to dive into a few more ways we can empower, engage, and build worship teams.

We’re close to the end – but we’ve still got some ground to cover.  Why don’t we begin today by praying that God would allow us to see areas where we can improve our team-building abilities and then – dive into some new ways to build after the jump.

5.  Play together.

Why do we miss out on this one so much?  This should be the easiest one to do – but we’ve got an ever growing list of reasons not to:

  • “Can’t agree on a day.”
  • “We see each other enough as it is.”
  • “I have enough to do during the month.”

Stop!  Make a date to get together…without the instruments and, if at all possible, away from the church.  Do an event monthly that engages your team together.  Let this be a time when you can fellowship and foster true friendships as peers.  Go bowling, have a video game night, toilet-paper the pastor’s yard…just make it fun and make it involve everyone.

If you have a large pool of worship team members – make sure the cliques are broken up.  The goal of these events is to grow closer together – so avoid any opportunity for it to further alienate one of your team-members.

6. Let the “Team” be a part of the “team”

Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking your calling as a worship pastor or worship leader merits total dictatorship of your services.  Give a portion of creative input to your team.  What songs have really been hitting them lately?  Yes, you will have to do some careful discerning to determine if your guitarist is suggesting based on the complexity and “hot-ness” of the solo or if the suggestion comes from truth – but allow the suggestions.

Give your team every opportunity to be a part of the staff meetings where worship planning is made.  Who knows if your drummer’s “hey, I’ve got an idea” moment could be the beginnings of a great creative moment in your next worship service.

7.  Write with your team.

I am a big fan of churches writing their own songs.  Some of the greatest songs we know of in worship today were created out of community-focused songs written for a particular congregation.  Why not get your team together once each month with nothing on the agenda but a blank piece of paper, words of prayer, and the openness to receive a new song that God may give to you.  If you are ever in doubt of how powerful this can be to a congregation, read a post about a packed CD release concert filled with worshipers across four generations all singing songs created within their own church and then take a listen to the music.

Chances are at least one person in your team would say “hey, I’ve actually been working on a song” if you give them the opportunity to share.  Come together, gather ideas, be open to changes, and see if God can’t deliver a song that will positively impact your congregation.

We are almost to #10 – but we still have some ground to cover.  Pray about these steps and then implement them.  See what God can do for your worship team and then for your congregation as you build and grow – together.

Until tomorrow….