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A Word for the Worship Leader After Easter

For all of you who had bad days today: it happens. Something didn’t go as planned. Someone didn’t show up. Okay…maybe NO one showed up. Equipment failed. Tempers flared. Whatever it may be… Know this… Satan has read the same Book you have. He knows

Looking for Worship, Creative, and Leadership Training?

Spots are extremely limited.  Click the button below for more info and to reserve your spot TODAY. Six Session Overview  As worship and creative types, we work in a church environment amongst people who don’t always share the same vision of creativity as we do..

Worship Leaders! Can You Help With Some Quick Data?

If you have a moment, we’d like your help on some quick research.  If you are a worship leader, worship pastor, music minister, etc…could you give us the answers to three quick questions based on your status at the church where you are at? Question

Who Do You Need To Make A GREAT Creative Team?

This is post 4 of 4 in the series “Planning Out 2018” To build a creative team, you need creative people.  I know that seems like a “no-brainer”, but what exactly is a “creative” person?  The definition might surprise you.  In fact, some of the

Creating Boundaries to Expand Creativity

This is post 3 of 4 in the series “Planning Out 2018” One of the most helpful tools I have found for planning ahead has been the implementation of a Creative Team.  Collaborative efforts are great for accountability, ideas, implementation, and for keeping things from

Affordable Wireless In-Ears Using…Your Phone?

Want in-ears but cant afford expensive systems?  How about using your iPhone or Android?  Pretty soon…you’ll be able to!  It’s called Audiofusion, and the software has been a hit at Winter NAMM 2018.  The software is currently in Beta, but it promises to deliver real-time