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"Its All About You"

Wow! Isn’t God just awesome?!? You know, one of my favorite songs to lead is “Jesus, Lover of My Soul (It’s All ABout You)” because of the trueness of the words. I can’t begin to tell you how many times life each week would get

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Chasin those geese…..and riding horses?

If you haven’t already, go out and buy Wild Goose Chase. If you haven’t started Chasing God – what are you waiting for? He made you…He claimed you…He’s calling you…DON’T JUST STAND THERE!!! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… I can’t begin

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Is it just me? or is…

Is it just me? or is it impossible to sing the song “Revelation Song” without wondering what it would be like to be up in heaven, Singing

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Worship was awesome…

Worship was awesome this morning and music was spectacular and I finally pickup up my copy of the book Wild Goose Chase. I’ll be blogging more and more as I redo the book and let you know how God is taking me on my new

Wild Goose Chase

This Sunday, I get to start my new journey heading on a Wild Goose Chase. This is a new book by an awesome guy named MarkBatterson. I encourage you to go out and pick up a copy of the book yourself and learn more about

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"Healer" part 2

Let me clarify – based on an email conversation last night – the difference in how I feel we should be handling this mishap as Christians. Is what Mike did fraud? Yes. There is no doubt about it. Is what WE do as Christians turn

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So…sad news today. The writer of the song “Healer” (an awesome song, btw) seems to have turned out to be a fraud. I can’t help but think back to a recent editor’s note in Worship Leader magazine that talks about how God manifests in many

"What we need is more Studds in church"

Wow wow wow wow! I cannot WAIT to read this book! Mark Batterson’s new book Wild Goose Chase hit the stores today. Mark put out snippet of the book on his blog. Man…talk about a quote!! What is most lacking in the church of Jesus

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“The Greatness of Your Name”

I must say, I am so impressed with the work God has done through Micah Huebner and Scott Mills new song that was “debuted” today at FBCSmyrna during our Dare U To Move series. (wow, can I possibly fit any more hyperlinks in there?) The

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Let me clarify that…

Let me clarify that last blog, while me and Crystal are out for our anniversary this weekend I won’t be doing any official blogging, so I’m using a handy tool called Jott to do my blog. Stay tuned for little shot bursts of blog here