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Dashboard Confessionals

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When Its Time To Cut The Tie

QUESTION:Define Moral Failure? You stated in a past article that you have removed individuals due to moral failure. I had to remove a band member for moral failure, but have been accused of being judgmental. Some are saying ‘we all sin and have fallen short

How Do You “Train-Up” Musicians in Worship?

From Tom Williams, serving in Powell, TN Question: I lead the singing in a fairly new (2 year-old) contemporary service at a small (250 member) traditional United Methodist church. We have 30 to 60 attendees at our 9 am contemporary service. Our only instruments are

Using Secular Music In Worship

From Craig Hedrick serving in Belmont, NC Question: I wanted to ask if you use much secular music in your seeker services, do you change lyrics and things like that? We have been doing some of that with a fair amount of success but I

Do You Talk Too Much?

This is post 1 of 3 in the series “Talking As A Leader” From Gordon Moore, serving in Spain QUESTION:Talk Much? “Do you talk much when leading worship services? Some worship leaders say almost nothing while others talk as much as some preachers. How do