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Freebie Friday: Free Hosting for Churches

This is a cool freebie – especially if you are a church and have your 501(c)(3). DreamHost offers a free hosting package if you fit this criteria ( a strange subject since is proudly hosted by…a

Come And Drink – FREE Music Feature

If there is one cry that I have on a daily basis it is this: PLEASE, CCM songwriters – especially those who write worship…STOP with SIMPLISTIC lines that you think will simply “relate to all”. The harsh reality is that these lyrics become so often

Free Music From Jars Of Clay

We’re happy to bring back “Free Stuff Friday” – and this Friday, we are giving you Jars Of Clay’s new album for free courtesy of Noisetrade. Grab it now…it includes an all new version of Flood!

We’re giving away free shirts!

Over the past few weeks – I have taken great pride in seeing something around the Nashville area.  In three different venues I have seen people up on stage wearing a “got worship?” t-shirt from the website.  It makes me smile to know that there

FREE Music Tuesday : Ascend The Hill

These guys have really been making an impression on me lately…I don’t know if it is their Hillsong/U2ish sound or their simple yet powerful lyrics. Nonetheless…it is our pick for our FREE Music Tuesday from Ascend The Hill.

Free Music Tuesday : Children of Light

This week’s “Free Music Tuesday” comes from an album that I highly encourage each of you to implement within your own churches as its songs are wide-reaching and ring true. You’ve heard me talk about LifePoint Illuminate: Children of Light over the past month or

Want To Go To NWLC…For FREE?

Want to go to the National Worship Leader Conference for FREE?  Yeah, we thought so.  Each year, there are a wide variety of conferences geared towards worship leaders, but none that are as complete and as beneficial as the NWLC. Aside from being taught by

got worship? 2.0

We wanted to roll out the carpet to you to welcome you to the all new .  got worship? 2.0 is our cleaner, leaner, sleeker, and more modern look for the website.  In the past, the design has been (to say the least) chaotic…and