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Martin Guitars Makes Impressive Comeback

  I’ll be honest, this article is a shock to me. Two months ago, I would have laughed at you if you would have told me that I would be writing an article singing the praises of a Martin – but (take a breath) that

got worship? Reviews: “Sixteen Cities”

Most bands who start together in High School begin with dreams of making it big and signing a huge record deal.  What happens, however, when the same high school band cares more about winning lost souls to Christ by ministering than becoming famous?  They become

“Best Of…” Awards : Best Hybrid Guitar

We set out this month to find the answer to a couple of questions: “The best acoustic guitar for a worship leader/acoustic worship musician is a ___________________?” “The best electric guitar for a worship musician is a __________________?” When Taylor Guitars was bold enough to

got worship? Reviews: “Me In Motion”

We spend so much time as worship leaders and worship pastors listening to music for the congregation that we tend to forget to find music that can suit our own ear buds. Thankfully Centricity Music found Me In Motion. Me In Motion – a new

got worship? Reviews: “Guitar Praise”

It’s rare that we give you a review of something you can have “fun” with versus something that is just outright practical…but we’d thought we’d give it a shot.  Guitar Praise is a game especially for Mac and PC users that, some would say, is

got worship? Reviews : Ultimate Ears UE 4 Pro

One of the most commonly searched terms here on “got worship?” pertains to in-ear monitors.  For that reason, we like to keep you in tune with the best products for your in ear mix and, from time to time, get the opportunity to review products

“Got worship?” Reviews : Glam Rock Gear

When does a pedalboard become less like luggage, function and utility and more like a work of art?  The simple answer…when it is hand-made from Glam Rock Gear.  Glam Rock Gear is based in Nashville, Tennessee and makes real world cases for real world musicians.