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Should An Unbeliever Be A Part of The Worship Team

As a worship leader it will be significant that you simply contemplate the question of whether or not an unbeliever might be a part of your worship program. I’m typically asked this question when two situations happen in a church: there are few team members


Worship Team. Worship God. Worship Him. Worship the Lamb. Worship the Lord. Let’s Worship. If I could count how many times I’ve heard the word worship during the weeknight practice for the worship team (there, I said it again…) and on Sunday morning during both

How Do You Connect With The Worship Community?

We’ve Grown… We are happy to be growing – but constantly challenged to continue providing current and relevant information. To be frank – it amazes us that some many of you come on a daily basis to hear what we have to say. “got worship?

Keeping Worship Fresh

As a worship leader do you find yourself struggling week to week when it comes to the task of planning the worship service? Planning a fresh worship service week after week, month after month, year after year, can become quite a daunting task. Even the

Guest Blog: Top 5 Worship Leader Tips

I’ve been leading worship in small and enormous conferences around the globe for the final 25 years, and I imagine it’s time these of us who’re skilled encourage others who’re following! The purpose of this text is to share with you my high five worship

How to Recruit Church Musicians

Many churches have difficulty finding quality musicians to play for their church services. “We’ve put up notices” they tell me. “And no one responds!” Even worse, they find themselves stuck with musicians with either inappropriate skills or poor attitudes, and have to make do because

Blending Styles of Worship

(got worship? Editor’s note: Recently, we’ve been talking about worship styles and traditionalism in worship.  During the week, we had range of comments on our poll…including this one: “We do whatever the staff thinks is popular with the younger attendees.”

Day 2 of NWLC Wrap Up (Guest Blog)

Just happy to be here. Learning. Listening. Loving taking it all in. Its almost hard to be able to process this event while I am sitting in the atrium a lunch. Last night Session ONE was amazing. Steve Berger spoke about the PITS from Psalm