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I Want To Be A Psalm 57 Worshiper

  David was in a bind and in a cave after he found out King Saul wanted to kill him. There was a new song stirring around the people of the land singing the praises of David that proclaimed that Saul could take down thousands

Bringing the MAN Back To The Church

  Women – we love you. We love that you serve in the church. This message, however, isn’t for you. Married? Print it out and give it to your husband. Church secretary? Print in out and put it in your bulletin. When you do…make the

Living your life beyond 140 characters.

Funny – yes. Sad – that, too. We have gotten so accustomed to these 140 character wonders that we sometimes miss little moments…and big moments for the sake of having a severe case of “I gotta tweet that!” Laughable moments that could last forever now

So You Want To Date My Daughter?

I didn’t create the list of demands below…but I can guarantee you I’ll be using this to vett the boy that THINKS he can date my daughter…(when I allow her at 32 years of age.) 1. You must love Jesus. I don’t care if you’re

The Air I Breathe…

For quite a few days, the blog has been silent.  It’s probably appropriate and in proper relation to life – because I have been equally as silent.  For about the past month I have dealt with a strange virus that has had me dealing with

A Request from the founder…

If my daughter – my own flesh and blood, was malnourished and didn’t have proper clothes for the winter…how many of you would rush to send me assistance to help her?  I dare say if I pleaded loud enough…many of you would.  My daughter would be fed, clothed, and