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Too Big For Jabez’s Britches

  A few years ago, a few short sentences in the Bible took the nation by storm in the form of a book.  A man, who little was known about or talked about, who said a very simple yet powerful prayer soon became a prayer

Is the Church “Loosing My Religion”?

  Yesterday, I read an interesting article in USA Today that, unfortunately, doesn’t come as a shock.  It is a sign of the fast-paced times we live in where we wont everything at once…but in dosages we can fit into our schedule.  A poll, taken

Are You Toxic With Your Online “Witness”?

Let me be clear… I don’t think homosexuality is acceptable by any standards Biblically.  I don’t think that a person should continue to live actively in that sin.  Look past someone else’s faults for a minute and listen to what I am REALLY saying about

you ain’t just the wife.

(Article by “got worship?” contributor M.A. Dalton) Back in the day (or whenever people didn’t have cell phones and our grandma’s made bread from scratch), pastor’s wives were nothing more than an accessory. Every respectable man married a respectable women. She had babies and made

Google Voice Hits a “Pothole” In Translation

Google Voice is great…don’t get me wrong.  (We use it at got worship? Media) … but the translation is lacking.  We called the Nashville office from a phone and played our favorite Geico Pothole commercial over the voicemail to see how well it transcribed.  You

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Why I’m Climbing In The Backseat

I want to share this video with you from Cross Point Church.  Pastor Pete Wilson began a series there nearly a year ago called “Backseat Jesus” ( you can watch the entire series from – I think you’ll get something great out of it.)

Coffee With A Cause

Every once in a while, I’ve asked you to do something worthwhile – because you can – and because it makes sense to do it.  This is one of those times.  I love my pastor to death.  He and his family are awesome examples of

Will Haiti Be Replaced By The Super Bowl?

I post this video with no caution whatsoever yet I feel the need to explain the reason why there is no caution.  I explain because I fear that I will get an email from someone saying “why use World Vision?  You should use Compassion International!”

A Cup of Earl Grey on The Back Patio, Anyone?

It’s a simple picture taken from a simple phone on a simple day with a subject asking a simple question.  The reasoning behind the picture, however, is a little more larger-scoped. You see, one of the crazy things about my life that you would never