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What is the best college for an online degree?

As many of you know, I am looking into going back to college to get a degree in Worship Arts and/or Theology. I’ve found out some new stuff today… I can apply for Federal Grants to pay for college – but the college I was

Leaving this one up to God…and you.

Just as the title suggests…I am putting this one up to God…and you.  These past few days have been very trying.  Okay – scratch that – the past few weeks have been trying.  The one thing that I have found holds true is that my

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(special thanks to Dr. Kyle Goen for finding this video.  Please visit his blog here.) You aren’t poor.  You have plenty.  You have MORE than enough. You aren’t starving.  There are some who could live for weeks off the scraps you toss out as if

“I Can’t Get My Head Out of This Song!”

Yesterday I heard my son humming in the back of the van. He wasn’t very loud, and I have no idea what the melody was meant to be. What really snagged my attention, other than the fact that no one behind me was picking on

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Hurry Home

Not often that I talk about a country song – but this one is worth mentioning.  It’s by Jason Michael Carroll – and called simply … “Hurry Home”. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, I still love you It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, you

“Where Were You?” Trying out a new Song

I was sitting listening to Matt Maher talk about a very important subject one day: Why do we tend to write songs for worship that are fluffy little “God is good and great” songs? Okay – so I don’t remember the exact words that he

Intimacy and Tithing, what!?!

(Article by “got worship?” contributor Justin Mulder) I was listening to a teaching the other day by Arthur Burke. He was just sharing how “the first person you take your victories and failures to, is the person you will be most intimate with.” Now that

Who Gets The Last Slice of the Pie? : Tithing

The better question isn’t who gets the last slice…but, rather, who gets the first. Tomorrow, “got worship?” contributor Justin Mulder will provoke our thoughts on tithing…and how it relates to intimacy. Put on your thinking caps and join us in discussion tomorrow.

God and Priority Lists?

(by “got worship?” contributor Justin Mulder) I have been asked to speak at a camp on worship and making God the top priority in our lives, but it got me thinking. Should God be first in our lives, or should He be the center? and

Making God Laugh

It was a simple verse posted today by one of my twitter followers – and it was a great one…Jeremiah 29:11 11For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil,  to give you a future