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Making God Laugh

It was a simple verse posted today by one of my twitter followers – and it was a great one…Jeremiah 29:11 11For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil,  to give you a future

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Late Night Live Prayer & Praise

I know its late…but there is plenty to pray about.  Whether you have a prayer, have a praise, or just want to be a part of praying for others – whether publicly or silently…come join us.  The live room will be active for as long

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Web 2.0 – The New Chalkboard

I remember growing up in Sunday School and then in Youth Group and having time set aside to pray.  We would always go around the room and ask if anyone had any prayer requests – any praises – and them write them on this strangel

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Live Prayer & Praise Event

We haven’t had one of these in quite some time – and there are plenty of needs. Come join us together for Prayre & Praise in a live blog event. No agenda…just prayers and praise and fellowship. got worship? Prayer & Praises

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I'm On A Calcium Kick

I’ve come to the conclusion lately that I need to drink more milk.  It seems there are a lot of adults that stop drinking as much milk as they should because…well, I’m not quite sure why.  I think, for me, I stop drinking as much

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My former DRUG problem…

I came across this picture taken of a newspaper clipping via Jordin Sparks.   WOW!  How true is this?  Are we a little too laxed in these areas today…or do they just not matter anymore? There’s a lot of truth in this simple letter to the

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God's Chisel

Ephesians 2:10 tells us we are God’s own handiwork…his workmanship…his masterpiece. This subject has been one that has been on my mind for a while now, because it is easy to see ourselves as so ugly in the eyes of God – yet forget that

Lessons learned from bumper stickers…and Fish!

Go ahead and laugh it up…I did!  The nerve of this guy, right?  I mean…how hypocritical can a person be?  Here we have a man who clearly has a strong distaste for those who use cell phones while driving…and he is on a cell phone

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Make someone’s day brighter!

Hello friends, I’d like to ask you to help shine a little light on someone’s day that really needs it right now.  My friend and Christian recording artist Tammy Trent is on a mission to give her brother-in-law some encouragement in his time of need.

All The Impact In A Room…All The Room Left for Impact

(My blog has been under different versions for a while now….so I noticed this one under an old wordpress blog.  Thought I’d archive it here.) March 12, 2008 in Uncategorized Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention at the Opryland