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"Let The Little Children Come To Me"….

If you are close to me – you know I love kids.  I’ve done various things in the church…but none can touch you more than working with kiddos.  I was the AWANA Director and AWANA Pastor for a church in Oklahoma and also led the boys

Why Are We Bunny Bashing?

I have to laugh — I really do.  Each year I hear a variety of folks who condem innocent rabbits a place of exhile…all in the name of “protecting the name of our Christian Easter.”  What exactly is “our” Easter?  Perhaps knowing this information will

Why hate The Fray and define "Christian Music"?

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a true “rant” … so hold back and wait for it. Last night, I cheered, I screamed, I cringed…all because of one of my favorite shows on the radio – Total Axxess with our friend Wally on

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Why is it so important???

A couple of months back (I think around December) I approached this topic – but I think it is important to do so again.  The big question that a lot of folks don’t grasp is “Why do you waste your time blogging, twittering, and facebook-ing?”