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“Where Were You?” Trying out a new Song

I was sitting listening to Matt Maher talk about a very important subject one day: Why do we tend to write songs for worship that are fluffy little “God is good and great” songs? Okay – so I don’t remember the exact words that he

Free Book to Giveaway: “Pure Praise”

We gave away a copy of the book at GMA IMMERSE – and now we are looking to give away another copy.  This book is the PERFECT fit for worship teams, praise teams, choirs, worship leaders, pastors, and worshipers in general.  It is an awesome

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GMA IMMERSE Finals Wrap-Up

We want to take a moment to congratulate some very talented performers who had the honor of competing in the Gospel Music Association’s IMMERSE Finals.  If you missed the performance, you missed some awesome talent and songs.  Feel free to drop by to watch

To Choir…or Not To Choir

To choir…or not to choir. That is the question – and the debate.  I’ve been in several churches – and all had a different approach to choirs ranging from “can’t live without it” to “what is a choir?” We find specific references of “men and

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Want to go to GMA IMMERSE…for FREE???

If you are involved in the music industry – or if you are an aspiring artist/songwriter, there is one event this year that should be marked, highlighted, and engraved on your calendar…IMMERSE. IMMERSE is the GMA’s Music Training Experience that runs July 29th – August

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New album from Chad Gentry

Today’s Song Search is a special one to me as we get the chance to talk to a good friend of mine – Chad Gentry.  Chad is a great songwriter whom I have the priviledge to interact with on a regualr basis.  We’ve been anticipating

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"I'm Yours" … my kids steal the show!

About a month back, I had been working in my home studio on some songs and decided to do my own arrangement of one of Jason Mraz’s songs just for my wife. My kids love coming in and watching me mix. This time, they were

Preparing to lay down some tracks…

I’m going to soon be tracking “Masterpiece”. I already think my approach is going to be about 1/2 to 2/3’s the current tempo with with a more mysterious feel to the verses with some moniro chords replacing the current vibe. Interested to hear thoughts on