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Be Praised

Simple lyrics – yet so true.  Despite our impurities…despite our sin…He loves us…and He knows us all.  Michael and his wife are great folks who have a sincere desire to write songs that engage.   This song, engages at a very personal level. And here I

The Rock & Worship Roadshow

This week, I got a chance to talk with Robby Shaffer of the group MercyMe about an exciting streaming concert series making an impact on the internet and the world….

Why hate The Fray and define "Christian Music"?

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a true “rant” … so hold back and wait for it. Last night, I cheered, I screamed, I cringed…all because of one of my favorite shows on the radio – Total Axxess with our friend Wally on

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Revelation Song (Live) Meredith Andrews

I’ve posted before about Revelation Song – more along the lines of how impossible I find to sing it without smiling and crying at the same time.  It is hard to not get wrapped up in having that picture of being in Heaven singing this

My favorite Song

I was asked yesterday what my favorite song is. You know…I found that question to be one of the hardest to answer. As a guy who writes and sings, I love music…period. Alas, I could write a “Top 10 List” of my favorite songs …

SONG SEARCH: "Jesus Saves" by Tim Hughes

Hot off the presses!  Tim Hughes delivers big on another great praise and worship song called “Jesus Saves”.  The song is a rework of a song he wrote a bit back – but none-the-less and awesome one! As always, I’ve included the instructional video from