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Happy Father’s Day

Quit laughing…you know ONE of these guys could EASILY be you! Happy Fathers Day from got worship!   Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Jason Whitehorn

Look What Walked Through My Door!

After dinner there was a knock on our door.  We answer the door – and its my best friend Shane.  Shane wanted to show off his new diggs he got from – this spiffy new shirt. Its the first shirt that I had seen

Junk Mailer PWNED!

I check the mail today and find a letter that appears to have a handwritten address to me.  It is from someone in Kentucky named “B. Kennedy“. “Hmmm…wonder who that is”, I thought – and proceeded to open up the envelope.  Inside, I found a

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I guess the economy is hitting everyone…

I guess the economy is hitting everyone… Originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics My old manager gave this to me a while back. I’ve held on to it all this time for a good laugh. Enjoy. (Click on the picture to view in full size.)

Jars of Clay vs. Van Halen

Gotta love it. Just call him “Dan-Dan-Accordian Man”…or, perhaps…”Dan Halen” would be in order. Jars of Clay made a stop by WAY-FM one morning on Mornings With Brant and shared some songs from their new album as well as the path that the band took to make

Noticing a trend here…

I’m noticing a trend going on lately…….. Glad everyone is catching up.  Perhaps now my wife will accept the look. (honorable mention that she actually bought the thing for me years ago yet hates it when I wear it.)

Want to meet MercyMe?

Want to meet some of my firends – old and new – like MercyMe, Brenton Brown, Phil Wickham, and more?  The original “Tweet-n-Greet” is kicking off and you will definately want to be a part of it!  Follow “Tweet and Greet at .  You never