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We want to help your ministry or website!

Got a website that our readers would benefit from? We would love to tell others about it! We are in the process of expanding our blogroll and links at and would like to add your sites. Not all sites will be accepted – all

New things brewing at

We’re excited about some recent changes at .  We are attempting to make the site more of community than more about me.  After all, we are a body of believers who have a common goal of worship and music, right? If you’ll notice, there

All new blog…

After much thought and learning some new tricks (much thanks to human3rror), my new blog is up and running.  I hope to have new things added daily – in hopes of making this blog a valuable source for Songwriters and Worship Leaders who have a

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Why is it so important???

A couple of months back (I think around December) I approached this topic – but I think it is important to do so again.  The big question that a lot of folks don’t grasp is “Why do you waste your time blogging, twittering, and facebook-ing?” 

Want to meet MercyMe?

Want to meet some of my firends – old and new – like MercyMe, Brenton Brown, Phil Wickham, and more?  The original “Tweet-n-Greet” is kicking off and you will definately want to be a part of it!  Follow “Tweet and Greet at .  You never