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Category Archives: Songwriting Series

Songwriting: Singing Your Prayers

It’s easy, as a worship leader or singer within the body of the church, to become consumed with the notion of writing songs.  It usually starts out somewhat admirable:  You’ve been immersed in the culture of hymns and worship songs each week…and, eventually, a verse

Love Letters To God

I was talking to my wife recently about songwriting and worship styles when the conversation turned to a conversation I once had with John Mark McMillan about his writing style – and the use of “love” as it relates to God in songs.  My wife

Worship Inspired From Darkness

When is the last time you sang or lead “It Is Well With My Soul”? It is a beautiful song – and one that has inspired many across the years. It, like many of the world’s most memorable hymns, began by one man putting pen