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The Day The Kick Drum Died

The kick drum head you see in the picture above has hung on the wall of my office for a few years now.  It is a great reminder for me.  Occasionally people ask about it and I am happy to tell the story.  My entire

If Only…

If only our Bibles were as dusted and polished as our love for lyrical scrutiny was… I know you’ve seen it. It’s been on my heart for a while. An article is written…a comment card comes across our desk…miles and miles of text on forums

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New Gear With A Special Twist

   Many of you will look at this and think – ah…a guitar strap.  You’d be right.  But it’s tons more. The design on it comes from material that was hand stiched on an existing guitar strap by my daughter.   The existing guitar strap

Do you need a booster shot of a leap of faith?

? Today I heard the testimony of a friend who surprised us a few weeks back and went to another country – one that…because of recent events…most of us would never DARE go to at fear of losing our lives. Why? He prayed.   He

The Long Road

I know it has been a while since we’ve posted at . To be honest, I (Jason) have been busy getting ready to move into a brand new worship facility and I’ve been up to my eyeballs in audio, video, and lighting systems. I

Books Every Worship Leader or Pastor Should Read

We don’t read near enough books these days – seriously. There are plenty of great books that a worship leader or worship pastor should read, in my opinion, to gain deeper insight into their calling. I’ve compiled a short list of them here. [dropcaps] 1

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Today’s “Studdly” Statement

The best training for a soldier of Christ is not merely a theological college. They always seem to turn out sausages of varying lengths, tied at each end, without the glorious freedom a Christian ought to abound and rejoice in. You see, when in hand-to-hand

Have an “American Idol” Lead Your Worship Service!

  Wow…not THAT’s an interesting statement…”Have an “American IDOL” lead your worship? Obviously…this isnt the same type “idol” we are talking about. In fact, this “idol” would prefer to abandon that title altogether. Yep – there have been many worship leaders on FOX’s hit show