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You’re not perfect? And you think I AM?

I’m a Christian.  Most of you know that.  If you go to church with me, have ever been involved in one of my ministries, listened to my testimony…you know it.  If you work with me…you know it.  In fact, there are many of you who

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BOOK REVIEW: Next Generation New Testament

From Thomas Nelson Publishers comes a great 3 disc set geared for the whole family.  The Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament has over 23 hours of dramtic audio – the New Testament – read by some of today’s top youth talents. Kids will

Songwriting…Part 1

If you’ve written and had songs published before – you are bound to have someone contact you about rights or licenses for your song.  When it happens the first time – you can easily get wrapped up in the hype of “wow!  someone wants to

God Is Not A White Man

Cast aside your thoughts and your inhibitions for a moment. So I ‘ve been waitting for Michael Gungor to release the new animation for “God Is Not A White Man” for a while now. (There is an older version with more basic art on YouTube).

My favorite Song

I was asked yesterday what my favorite song is. You know…I found that question to be one of the hardest to answer. As a guy who writes and sings, I love music…period. Alas, I could write a “Top 10 List” of my favorite songs …

SONG SEARCH: "Jesus Saves" by Tim Hughes

Hot off the presses!  Tim Hughes delivers big on another great praise and worship song called “Jesus Saves”.  The song is a rework of a song he wrote a bit back – but none-the-less and awesome one! As always, I’ve included the instructional video from

Our Latest Endeavour

Crystal and I have been thinking lots about adopting a child. How I wish I could take every single child from China and give them all homes here with us.

BOOK REVIEW: This Is Your Brain On Joy

I will readily admit, I am not a man easily entertained by “health books”.  That being said, this book was a suprise for me. This Is Your Brain On Joy by Dr. Earl Henslin made me take a look deep inside myself at some of

Words From Amos

We cant begin to help others until we realize why….and how our times are, by no means “bad”. We have “bad times” only based on our perception of what “financial stability” and “shortfalls” are.

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WorshipTogether LIVE Tour!

How exciting is this?  The 2009 WorshipTogether LIVE Tour just kicked off yesterday and is steadily making its way to LifePoint Church!  Brenton Brown, Matt Maher, Michael & Lisa Gungor, and Kelly Minter will make their way to LifePoint Church in Smyrna, TN on March