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The Day That "True Love" Died

I posted this vid back in October, but a tweet from a friend yesterday reminded me of it again. Each time I play it…I find myself having to play it again…and again…and again. How true it is! Take a few moments and just concentrate on

“My grandfather is dead”

Who would have ever thought that the month of February in 2004 would be as cold as it was? The physical temperature was fine with highs between the 50’s and 60’s…but the chill I felt that February was numbing. I had come home from work

Being Thankful In Rocky Times

Yesterday, the vast majority of us sat down to eating way more food then we had any business eating, watched a ball game on the tube, fellowshipped with family and friends, and – for the most part – pretended nothing else was going on in

SONG SEARCH: Hiding Place

Though the song is not new, it may be new for you : “Hiding Place” is a song from the awesome talent pool at New Life Church in Colorado. This song is one that can close your eyes to, earnestly open your heart, throw all

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Veteran's Day Reflections : "Freedom"

If you haven’t already today…thank a Veteran! Veterans past, present, and departed have paved the way for and protected the freedoms we have today. Many of us, regretably, take our own freedoms for granted. Last night, I was reminded from the scriptures how God says

**Song Search**

Thanks to our friends at for pointing this great song out! Chris Lizotte has found a new rocking way to say “Thank You” to our Lord and Saviour with this sneak peak from Chris’s “Signal Hill Revival” release.

The Internet Age

According to GigaTweet, we are about 2 days until Twitter reaches one billion. Twitter has become wildely popular these days. I know I use it to “chat” with my friends, update my Facebook…and even send status alerts to show you when this blog is updated.

How Will God Use You?

If you ever have an opportunity to sit with Paul Baloche – take notes.  The man has wisdom coming out of his pores.  He is, quite frankly, one of my favorite mentors and one of the most respected men I know in worship leading. Paul