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:SONG SEARCH: "Glorious One" by Steve Fee

Steve Fee has created some awesome worship songs. His song “Glorious One” is no different. It’s lyrics paint a picture of what it will be like to stand in God’s present and be able to do nothing more…than worship the “Glorious One”. Our hands are

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URGENT Re-post on behalf of a friend

You know I don’t post anything unless it is significant….and saving children to me is pretty important. It is why I passed along the information from my friends, the Bynums. Together, you helped her raise the money needed to adopt another child away from a

"Worship Storytellers"

A few years ago, I had a group of friends who had one passion in life – songwriting. We all had a profound love for assembling verses and choruses along with the sensations we got writing the “perfect bridge”…and life was great. We called ourselves

New Creation

Wow! That’s all I can say. You talk about bringing a different level to Worship! Thanks to Kyle Campos at Our Rising Sound for frist showing this! New Creation from FC Post on Vimeo.

Just want to see where this lands.

I’m saying “goodbye” to my old secular country days and, instead, focusing on writing Christian songs and worship songs. I had an 8 year old secular song at a site called “OurStage” last month and it ranked 186 by the time it was done. I

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PLEASE Pray and Help My Friends – the Bynums

Friends, I wanted to pass along a blog entry from an awesome couple that go to church with my family. They have an exciting opportunity to adopt their already adopted daughter’s full sister who is just about to be born. The problem is, they need