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"Don't Let The Sun Set"

You’d think you’ve heard the phrase a million times in your life until you hear it from a friend you admire – a friend who has a right to say it. Over the past couple of months, my heart has been in such deep prayer

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Prayers for the Chapmans

The Chapmans have decided to speak publically for the first time to a national audience (aside from Steven’s concerts) by several television interviews. Steven, Mary Beth, Emily, Caleb, and Will will be talking to Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and People Magazine about the

"Jesus, Messiah"

I love this song from Chris Tomlin. Its on the New Song Cafe. Notice how Chris makes mention of how beautiful the name “Messiah” is. Isn’t it? Ironic the the “Annointed One” (Messiah) gave the ultimate annointment when he died to make atonement before the

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No blog today. I'm spending…

No blog today. I’m spending time, my family celebrating my daughter’s 7th Birthday. It’s hard to believe that my little angel is 7 years old but the last it’s true. Have a good day. listen Powered by Jott

Do You KNOW That Your Redeemer Lives?

When you sing worship songs – or any song for that matter – do you just sing the words…or do you really meditate upon what the song trully means? I want to share with you some thought that I shared with a friend of mine

The NEW Blog

So….Mr. “I’m Super-Cool Tech” lost my password for my old blog so I had to start a new blog. Sadly, I can’t access it any more. What’s even worse is that it took having to comment amount Micah’s passion for Ninteno gloves (if you must

Today’s “Studdly” Statement

  "Funds are low again, hallelujah! That means God trusts us and is willing to leave His reputation in our hands." C.T. Studd was a missionary to China, India, and Africa in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Studd had some amazing things to say…and