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REVIEW: Jesus Culture Music Emerging Voices

Today marks the release of Jesus Culture Music’s seventh new full-length recording, Emerging Voices – and we’ve been rocking and worshiping with it for the past few weeks here at got worship? to bring you the insights you’ll want as worship leaders. The album comes

Worship Leader Pet Pet Peeves: The Green Room

It happens at churches around the country each week. The worship team takes the congregation through a moving worship experience – and then leaves the stage to make way for the pastor. After a quick bathroom break, they gather together backstage or in a secluded

Your Worship Team…On An App.

Are you having trouble finding musicians for your worship band? Worship Band in Hand can fill your needs! Whether you need a drummer, a bassist, or a whole band! Let Worship Band in Hand add what you’re missing and you can play along! Worship Band

Worship Leaders and Calvinism

Recently on my personal twitter at @jasonwhitehorn, I ran a twitter poll geared towards worship leaders and members of the worship community. I am offering the results without bias – and without so much as a glimpse into my thoughts on the issue. Instead, I’d

Should Your Church Be On Twitter?

I had a discussion once with a staff member at a church who told me that they don’t use Twitter as a church because their congregants “aren’t really into Twitter.” If this is the case for you – or if you have tried to push

How Close Are You To Homelessness?

It couldn’t happen to you…right?  I mean – if worse came to worse…you’d be able to get a job, get a loan, or do whatever it takes to make it work right?  You have no idea how hard that process may be – and why