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Twitter V 1.0 created in 1935

Ok….so the title is a bit misleading – but this find is actually cool.  Take a look at this newspaper article from the 30’s.  It seems that London had a break in “technology” that was very similar in concept to Twitter. The article came from

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The Testimonial Video from Hunter's Baptism

Here’s the proudest moment I’ve had to date…the day I got to baptize my son. Hunter’s testimonial video was awesome. You’ll hear the audience applaud and cheer at what Hunter had to say in the video – but he looked back at me and Pat

New song by Phil Wickham

Awesome new song courtesy of Phil Wickham’s website.   Absolutely fantastic even as an unplugged version.  The song, Heaven Song, will close out the album in a simplistic yet powerful way.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Noticer

This week’s book review has been, by far, my most enjoyable.  The Noticer by Andy Andrews is an quick read – but packs a wallop of a punch to its readers. Thomas Nelson Publshers has this to say about the book: A moving story of

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Gotta love road trips

Gotta love road trips, originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics. Kung fu panda ftw NOTE: This video is being sent from my mobile phone. Yes…there will likely be typos in the text…that is my nature. No…the videos will not always make sense. You’ll be fine.

Just dusted off some inspiration

Just dusted off some inspiration Originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics No more planet of the dry. I just found some of my root. Much writing and arranging to be done. Old School hymns…meet 2009 NOTE: This picture is being sent from my mobile phone.

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Heart test is done…

Heart test is done…, originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics. Thankfully, they only had me to do the treadmill portion of the test. I won’t find out anything for a couple of days. Thanks for all the prayers. NOTE: This video is being sent from

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What do YOU think?

I can remember the first time I ran into JudyKeisler and Judy Knapp.  They made a comment that made my day.  “You’ve got a rock sound”.  I had been recording and performing country for quite some time…and yet I’ve always thought I was meant for