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How Do You Deal With Compliments?

How do you deal with compliments?  In today’s video, Jason shares a story that has helped him along the way with dealing with this area. Talk About It… How do you handle compliments? What’s the best answer to the “your’e worship was AMAZING” compliment that

Journey Band Member Jonathan Cain Talks New Album Release

In this week’s podcast, we have the pleasure of talking with Jonathan Cain – longtime member of the Diamond selling band Journey and songwriter of hits like “Don’t Stop Believing”, “Open Arms”, and “Faithfully” about his new album What God Wants to Hear.  In the

Worship Corner Podcast – Bob Minner (Tim McGraw)

  On this week’s podcast – Bob Minner, guitarist for over twenty years with Tim McGraw, joins us to talk about theology in today’s songs, worship, and his new Hymnal project. To visit the “Six String Sanctuary” project, click the link below:

Worship Corner Podcast – 9/8/15

In this week’s podcast, Jason answers a question about “How to deal with criticism in your music.”  Its a question that, as we will find out, has been asked for generation after generation.