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Modern Sound Within Your Worship Team

One of the big rules that I talk about often to worship teams that I have either coached or lead is the “100% Rule”. This, in a nutshell, means that our sound as a worship team needs to represent “100%” – but each instrument has

How Do You Label Your Worship?

If I were to ask you “what type of worship service do you have at your church?”, what would you say? I ask that to worship leaders and pastors often – and often get the same response: “We have a ‘Contemporary’ service.” What may surprise


No big thought provoking article here. Just…a suggestion. We are too dependant on so much technology today that we are all masters of multitasking. Sometimes

The Amazing Symphony – Revisited

I talked last year about “The Amazing Symphony” after getting to be a part of the latest Matt Redman album and, as a result, getting to hear Louie Giglio speak in Atlanta last February. Louie is an amazing guy – and loves astronomy. It was

Worship From Within

Recently on my twitter account I asked the question : What is worship?  I have enjoyed reading through the various responses to the question and wanted to share my take on worship with each of you. Recently, we discussed the simple fact that we are

Finding God in His Secret Treehouse

We often think about worship on a Sunday when we prepare for our worship services.  We have gotten passed the notion of only calling the music portion of our services “worship” and traded it in for a broader reality that the entire service is an

Worship Teams – Why Your Song Choices Are Failing

In my worship leader/pastor coaching that I offer, I often hear the same story: “I planned what I thought was the perfect service – all of my songs fit the sermon topic and they transitioned well…but the congregation didnt respond the way I thought they

Qualifications for a Worship Pastor

We hear terms like “worship leader”, “music minister”, and “worship pastor” often in the roles we walk. Being involved in worship – it is a common place. What does it mean? We have spent a couple of days looking at both the differences between a worship